Fast, electric vehicles are always an exciting way to get around or just cruise. Some people use their vehicles for fun, while others use them for their daily commute. This article will go in-depth on maximizing range by running your motor minimally and finding the best routes. There’s not some electric scooter range extender, so don’t go ask me. This question gets asked often, so unless you thought of every tip on this list beforehand, you’re welcome. If not, you’re just so bright, aren’t you? Read on to learn how to ride as far as possible.

Ease up on the throttle

First and foremost, to increase range, it is essential to cut down on the use of your electric motor. This means keeping speeds low and using bike pedal power as much as possible. Simple energy rules apply to the operation of EVs. It is crucial to know that at higher speeds, the wind resistance against the front of your body increases drastically. This requires the motors to draw more power than they would otherwise. Of course, there will be times when you need to speed up or go up a hill, but try to limit these situations.

Properly use regenerative braking

Additionally, regenerative braking can make a massive difference in the range you achieve. If you have regenerative braking, utilize it as much as possible. Some vehicles can change the strength of your regenerative braking, so turn that up before you start riding. Recapture as much energy from braking as possible so that it can be used to power the motor again. Of course, if there are hills in your route, lightly use the regenerative brakes as you descend to maintain speed while also powering your battery.

Choose the right path

The next significant factor in increasing range is choosing the correct route. This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people try to take the most direct path instead of the flattest or least uphill route. Sites like will allow you to see the best way and at which point in the course you are traveling up or downhill. Google Maps also has a tool for cycling directions that shows elevation gain in your travels. You can significantly improve your range by choosing the route with the least amount of elevation changes.

Bring your charger

Carrying your charger with you is a great way to maximize range and increase battery life. If your destination has an outlet and no one cares about having your battery lying around, have your charger in your backpack or bag while riding. Obviously, lock your vehicle outside and charge while you do your little shenanigans.

Buy a second battery

Adding an extra battery for an electric scooter is the best way to extend range, but it is also the most expensive. A second battery is highly recommended if you have the extra cash or can afford it. This will double your range and allow you to go further easily. Batteries are also getting cheaper as technology improves, so check your manufacturer’s website for the price. As for my current scooter, the Apollo Ghost, it, unfortunately, does not have a removable battery. This makes the scooter way harder to store and removes my ability to buy a second battery. However, many other models have this ability, so I highly recommend going long range if you can afford it.

Unnecessary electronics should be turned off

Switch off anything that will draw power that you don’t need when riding to increase the distance on your electric scooter. The amount of juice you can extract from the battery is ultimately limited by its capacity. If you’re not draining it to power unneeded gadgets, you’ll have more available to ride the scooter.

Here are a few items you can turn off for most electric scooters:

  • If you’re not riding at night, turn off the lights.
  • If Bluetooth isn’t in use, disconnect it
  • The reflector lights, if your scooter has them

Most people will never need more than their headlight and taillight while riding, so only use it if it’s completely necessary. If you’re not using your Bluetooth, it’s also a good idea to turn it off.

Other important notes

Other things to remember are rider weight, product weight, and even the tires. Make sure the number you saw on the scale this morning doesn’t exceed the weight capacity of your vehicle. Many people may not know, but tire pressure is key to getting the most range possible. Tire pressure should be at the manufacturer’s recommended psi. Otherwise, your vehicle could work harder than it needs to complete each wheel rotation.

Another thing to know is that the battery life of lithium batteries doesn’t last forever. Over time, lithium ion batteries are charged, and the lifespan is diminished each time very slightly. The battery power of an older battery simply won’t be as much as it once was, even if you don’t notice it.


To conclude, there are many ways to extend the range of your electric bike or scooter. The most crucial factor is to use your motor as little as possible and instead rely on bike pedal power. Additionally, regenerative braking can recapture the energy and use it to power the motor again. The route you take is also significant, as you want to choose the path with the least amount of elevation changes. Carrying a charger with you and having a second battery are great ways to achieve maximum range. Happy riding!